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What do I do when I discover water damage?

Experience tells us that not all water damage includes standing water. If standing water exists, turn off or unplug electrical devices or circuit breakers in affected areas.

Then, turn off the water at its source. This may be as easy as turning off the valve beneath a leaking faucet, sink or toilet; or locating the property's main shut-off valve and turning it off.

If baseboards separate from walls, cabinets swell, floors warp, carpets are wet and musty odors became apparent, act immediately before dangerous mold grows.

Call Sol Drying Team at (561) 676-4099 to immediately cleanup and dry your water damaged property.  We bills insurance companies directly and requires No Money Out Of Your Pocket.

What does the drying process consist of?

Sol Drying Team’s trained technicians use electronic moisture meters and high-tech thermal imaging equipment to assess the extent of water damage.

We will protect your personal or business property then remove all surface water, whether on the floors or inside wall & ceiling cavities.  

To accelerate the drying process we remove wet or contaminated insulation and other building materials.  Once the surface water has been removed we apply anti-microbial solutions to all affected surfaces to prevent mold growth.  

Sol Drying Team’s state-of-the-art drying equipment consists of Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers and Gale-Force Air Movers working in conjunction to remove excessive moisture from your property. HEPA air scrubbers are often used to remove foreign airborne particulate to provide you with a clean indoor environment.

We will monitor the drying process every step of the way to give you the peace of mind that you deserve at this difficult time.

Call Sol Drying Team at (561) 676-4099 to immediately cleanup and dry your water damaged property.

How long does it take to dry water damaged property?

No two water damaged properties are alike. Typically, water damaged walls & ceilings whether in homes or  buildings dry in three of four days.

Some building materials take longer to dry than others and some water damaged areas are less accessible than others causing drying times to vary.

How long does it take to restore water damaged property?

If the water damage was minimal and isolated to limited areas drying and restoration may be achieved in days or weeks.

If the water damage was substantial, causing damage to walls, ceilings, cabinets, built-in's, etc., the drying and restoration process may take months.

What is the Homeowner’s responsibility at the time of loss?

Most insurance policies state that the policyholders are responsible to clean and secure their property after the damage occurs.

As the policyholder, you have the right to hire Sol Drying Team or a restoration cotractor of your choice, to dry & restore your damaged property.

You are also responsible to notify your insurance company of the damages. Most insurance companies have 24 hour toll-free claims handling departments. Many insurance companies have lists of contractors that they work with. Be certain that your contractor has your best interest at heart.

Should I leave my home when I have water damage?

That would depend upon the extent of water damage. Often times the water damage speaks for itself, presenting eminent danger to your health or welfare.

Your home may not be livable after water damage if portions of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or living areas have been damaged extensively by water, requiring replacement.  It can take weeks or months to replace water damaged kitchens and bathrooms. There may also be excessive mold growth, requiring removal by certified and licensed professionals.

If the water damage is extensive and alternate living arrangements are necessary, be sure to save all of your receipts to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How much is it going to cost to dry my water damaged property?

Typically, labor is charged by the man hour and drying equipment is charged per unit, per day.

The severity of your water damage will determine how much labor and drying equipment will be necessary to dry your water damaged property. Sol Drying Team always bills insurance companies directly and you will have no out of pocket expense.


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